Dia Noche – A premium triple distilled, flavour infused 100% Blue Agave Spirit




Described by the Khoisan as the “land of thirst”, the Karoo is known for its rich diversity in plant and animal life.  Hidden within this succulent and magical land is the blue agave fields, known as the “spirit” of the Karoo.

There are many tales revolving around how the blue agave came to grow in the vast land of the Karoo.  Some claim that it was brought through with the Portuguese sailors in the mid 19th century. Others say a young Victorian girl traveling from Grahamstown planted 3 imported agave plants where the blue agave fields are today.

The mystery still remains as to how exactly the agave plants found their way into the Karoo. Nonetheless, the foreign plant known for making tequila in Mexico was in our land and thriving, creating a new horizon of opportunity and growth for South Africa.

The rise of blue agave fields paved the way for the birth of Dia Noche – a premium 100% blue agave spirit that prides itself on perfecting the blend of agave instilled with natural flavour to create the ultimate African mix. Through a strategic partnership with The Skoonspruit Distillers and The Dead Rabbit Distillery, Dia Noche has become a force to be reckoned with.

Introducing Dia Noche…Mixed In Africa.

Conceived from Mexican Agave and African soil, Dia Noche aims to break tradition and initiate a new way of being. We dare you to step out from the crowd and make a noise. Be bold, be daring and mix it up!

Go on we dare you…

Dia Noche – A premium triple distilled, flavour infused 100% Blue Agave Spirit

Dia Noche is best enjoyed responsibly, please confirm you are above the legal drinking age before you enter our site.

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